A: Playing a sport

Playing a sport is the better option because it gets you moving, exercising and burning calories. When you do this, it also decreases your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, which can lead to death. Also, sports keep you social with people, and it’s fun outside doing something with your friends. Sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball etc., give you an opportunity to meet new people and make relationships with them that will last for a lifetime. Doing sports also helps improve your coordination too by improving hand-eye coordination, which will help you become more active in daily life, like using chopsticks better (lol). Overall, playing sports is better than going to the gym because it helps improve your health and makes you active in daily life, which is important for long and healthy life.

B: Going to the gym 

Going to the gym is better because it’s about having fun with music, seeing people you know from school, working on your body and building muscles which helps you stay healthy for later in life. Also, going to the gym will improve your strength and endurance, which can be useful if you ever need to use them. You’ll also build confidence doing this by always trying new things that might look hard, but you have the motivation to do it. By going to the gym, you’re more likely going to be active every day of your life due to this high motivation built up from working out, so you don’t have any excuse for not being active throughout your whole life. Overall going to the gym is better than playing a sport because you get the opportunity to build muscles, burn calories and work on your body.

Both A and B

When choosing between gym or sports, it all depends on what you want to achieve. If your goal is to really try something new, meet new people and enjoy the social aspect of physical activity, then it’s better to play a sport. However, if your goal is looking after yourself by maintaining a healthy body weight, having proper cardiovascular fitness and increasing strength, then going to the gym would be more beneficial. Both are equally as good but depending on what you’re trying to achieve will decide which one is better for you.