How long does weed stay in your system? It’s a very common question that most of the people ask. Actually, it’s fairly easy to get rid of its sign from your urine, saliva and blood test because of its short half-life period. But you should consider knowing how long does weed stays in your body before taking any drug test if you didn’t know because failing a drug test can lead into dire consequences, more so if you’re applying for a job where they randomly do some tests on employees. If you happen to be one of them, then I suggest that you stop using weed at least 2 months in advance in order to completely remove its sign from your urine.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System Urine Drug Test

For weed that’s detectable, up to 12 weeks can be detected through a urine test, but for heavy users, it will only stay in the system for 7 days. While for light smokers, it may take 30 days to go out of the body. The important thing here is how long does weed stay in your body which depends on many different factors like age, Metabolism and physical exertion etc.

People who are below 65 years old will have a small chance of testing positive even after 45 days because they don’t always use marijuana frequently compared with young people who are still under the age of 50 who are more likely to have THC metabolites show up during a drug test. In addition to that, those people with a higher body fat will encounter difficulties with detoxifying their body as THC metabolites can be stored in their adipose tissue before being eliminated from the body, which makes it harder for them to pass a drug test.

Heavy Metabolism = Less time

If you have a lower metabolism, then it is likely for you to take more time to cleanse your system out of weed. So if you think you are having trouble getting rid of weed traces because of your low Metabolism, then I suggest that you should eat nutritious foods and do some light exercises like walking every day so that you can increase it back up again. Besides, exercising regularly will help remove toxins in your blood and speed up the way out of your body.

Don’t ever try testing yourself too often because it can cause severe health problems for you later in life. Once you’re positive, then you have to accept the fact that there are no easy ways to remove THC metabolites from your urine or blood sample. You could always buy synthetic urine in order to pass a drug test if the lab is looking for it because they don’t usually check if it’s real or not when submitted by a candidate. But be very careful when buying synthetic urine via online shops because some of them are selling fake products which can harm your health instead of helping you get through the test successfully. One thing that I do recommend, though, is that, if possible, then use detox drinks like Mega Clean + Pre-Cleanse to clean your system before going for a drug test. You can always find them at your local head shops or online at Amazon and eBay. They work like magic, and the results are guaranteed, especially if you use them with real food and proper exercise. It’s also cheap, which makes it very affordable to everybody.

Eating fatty foods also slows down the process of removing weed out of your system because THC metabolites will be stored in fat cells and then released back into your bloodstream slowly over time, making it harder for you to pass a drug test. So if possible, avoid eating high-fat foods like cakes, fries and hamburgers as these types of food only make the detoxing process much more difficult than how it should be.

Local Clinic

Take a visit to your local clinic and ask them the right way on how you should go about with the chemical cleansing of your system. You can always take their advice if they recommend using detox pills or drink. Some clinics will even provide you with one as long as you show up as a regular patient, so it would be wise for you to find an addiction treatment center in your area and start checking in now and then so that later when the time comes, they’ll help you out with the proper solution.

Drug Test

Failing a drug test is very stressful, which is why consulting a professional before going for a drug test would be the best thing to do because they will definitely give you some solid advice like what I mentioned above and even provide contact details where you could buy a good detox drink or pill form. I think you should definitely check with your doctor first before going for a drug test to make sure that it’s safe for you to take one, and also they can give some helpful tips on how you can cleanse your system in the fastest way possible without putting yourself in danger.

Take note of this if you’re thinking about getting tested soon because THC metabolites will be stored in fat cells, which make up about 25 percent of our total body mass, so if there is a presence of even a small amount in your blood, it means that there’s a chance that it will show up during a drug test.