What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small pieces composed of texts that can be downloaded onto devices that you utilize to access and utilize the Service. Your device’s browser or device stores the cookies and allows them to be accessed each when you visit a website to remember you and store crucial information about you.

Session Cookies are cookies that are temporary which remain on your device or browser until you exit the website. They will be removed from your device when you have left the Service.

Persistent Cookies stay on your device or browser for a longer period of time They remain in your device or browser until you erase them or expire depending on the type of cookie. These can, for example they can be used to keep track of your preferences when you access the Service and to recognize you upon your return, and help improve your experience with the Service. A persistent cookie could be tied to personal information when you interact with the Service for instance, if you opt to save your user names in order that you don’t have to input them every when you log into your accounts. A persistent cookie is stored on your device, and is associated with your account details. If you choose to not accept this persistent cookie you will continue to utilize the Service however, you’ll be restricted in certain areas of it.

**For more information on cookies please visit: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/**

Can I Change My Cookie Preferences?

You are able to change your preferences for cookies or even delete cookies completely as described below.

The browser settings allow users to decide whether or not you want to accept cookies or restrict certain cookies. The majority of browsers have a feature that lets you view and delete cookies. It is recommended to check out this guide to learn more about frequently used browsers. If you are using the Service without altering the settings of your browser we will assume you agree to receive all cookies that are available on the Service. Be aware that if cookies are turned off, not all functions on the Service will function as expected.

If you’d prefer not to gather information that could be used to determine the type of ads we display to you choose to opt out of this service by clicking this icon located on the majority of our pages and apps. You can also opt-out or alter your preferences regarding behavioral advertising cookies through the opt-out pages on the Digital Advertising Alliance (U.S. residents as well as residents who are not located in either the EU and Canada) or for the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU residents) as well as the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (Canadian residents).

Flash Cookies (also known as Local Shared Objects) are not able to be changed via browser settings. The Adobe website has detailed information on how you can delete or block Flash cookies. visit Adobe’s site for more information. Be aware that when you turn off or refuse Flash cookies to access the Service however, you might not have access to certain features, like videos or other services that require you to log in.

The operating system on your mobile device could allow you to choose not from having your data taken into account or used for targeted advertising for mobile phones. Please refer to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your device however, this feature is typically found within the “Settings” section of your device. You may also block us from collecting any information by removing data collection for interest-based advertisements within our apps or uninstalling our software.

Does the Policy Refuse to Change?

We are able to modify our Cookie Policy at any time. Check out on the right side of the page to determine when the Cookie Policy was last updated. Any changes to the Cookie Policy will become effective when we make the new Cookie Policy available on the Service.

What is HTML0? CareReebot.com Utilize Cookies?

The kinds of data that are typically that are collected by cookies include data about your usage of the Service including your device’s IP address , browser type, the method by which you came to services, and your username and your email address if you’re login, etc.

What Cookies Can We Utilize?

Below is a list of every category of cookies we employ and the reasons we choose to make use of each. First party Cookies are our own that are set by carereboot.com and which is controlled by us, and used to provide us with information about how we use the Service.

  1. Essential Cookies also called Strictly Necessary Cookies These cookies are vital to the Service in order to allow users to navigate the Service and use the features. If you do not have these cookies in place, certain functions would not work. None of your online habits is collected through these cookies.
  2. Functional cookies They keep track of how you prefer to use the Service and allow us to enhance the way the Service operates. We are able to remember your preferences and provide you with advertisements. Functional Cookies are cookies that remain in place that the Service keeps track of whenever your device or computer returns to the Service.
  3. Analytics Cookies Analytics Cookies help us to enhance our services by collecting data about how you use the Service. Cookies are used to aid in improving the way our website functions. For instance, Analytics Cookies show us data, which include the most visited webpages on the Service as well as help us document any issues you experience having with the Service and help us determine the effectiveness of our advertising or not. We aren’t able to identify you as a person by using these cookies, however, the third-party providers of the cookies might be capable of.
  4. Behavior-based Advertising Cookies These cookies are used to provide relevant ads to users in and out of the Service. We look at the pages you go to on these websites, what services or products you browse as well as whether you see or click on advertisements that we show to you. We might also utilize cookies to find out if the person who saw an advertisement later returned to the site and completed actions on the website of the advertiser. We make use of this information to send you targeted ads, and we may also provide this information to other third parties. Our partners, too, may utilize a cookie to determine whether or not we’ve displayed an ad and the way it was performed and provide us with details about the way you respond to advertisements. We might also collaborate with partners to display an advertisement in connection with or off of the Service for instance, after you’ve visited a partner’s website or application.
  5. Third Cookies from Third Parties Some of the cookies that are on the Service are controlled by third-party companies, like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Comscore. Certain of these third-party companies (for example , third-party advertisers) might use cookies within the Service as well as in emails or on our ads on other websites in order to permit them to provide the services they offer. Certain of the cookies run by third-party providers could be used for analytical purposes for example, to monitor the performance of their analytics, to analyze and stop fraudulent traffic , or other suspicious actions. To provide an enjoyable experience for users, some of our third-party promotional and ads are created to automatically transfer users’ data to the landing page of the third-party whenever you decide to “click” on the advertisement or offer. We are not in control of the third-party or their usage of cookies. It is therefore not our responsibility to monitor the use of these cookies. This Policy is only for using cookies on behalf of carereboot.com and not using cookies from any other third parties. Certain of these third-party cookies aren’t session-based and come with different expiry dates. Visit their websites for these third party sites for more information on the way they use cookies.
  6. Flash Cookies It is possible to in certain circumstances utilize Adobe Flash Player to deliver specific content, like videos or animation. These cookies can be stored locally on the device however, they are managed via an interface different from that provided by your browser. It is impossible for you to control Flash cookies at the browser level the same way as you manage other kinds of cookies. Instead, you will be able to connect to your Flash management tools via Adobe’s site directly. See Adobe’s website.
  7. geo-location information Certain devices permit applications to gain access to real-time location information (for instance, GPS). Some images or other content that you upload to the Service might contain recorded details about the location. This information may be used to enhance your experience. Furthermore, some of the data we gather from devices, such as instance IP address, could occasionally be used to estimate the location of a device.

Similar Technologies

Alongside cookies, we might utilize other similar tracking technology on our website, like pixels (also called clear GIFs pixels, clear GIFs, also known as web bugs) web beacons, local storage and eTags. These technologies are used to save the user’s settings for video watching history, collect demographic data regarding our user base in general, or monitor users’ movements within the Service and serve targeted ads or enhance our understanding of website traffic, user behavior and advertising campaigns. Pixel tags are tiny blocks of code that are placed on a website page or mobile application, or advert and provide used to transfer information directly from the device onto a third-party website. Web beacons are files that enable websites to track those who have visited its page , or to open certain cookies. Local storage, for example, HTML 5 allows websites or mobile application to store and retrieve data from the device of an individual. ETags are tags utilized to track trends used for us, as well as by our business partners.

Do Not Track Reaction

Certain web browsers can let you select the “do not track” option, which sends signals to websites you visit to let them know that you do not wish to have your online activities to be tracked. This differs from blocking cookies, as browsers that have an “do not track” option may allow cookies. At present, there is no standard in the industry for how businesses should react in response to “do not track” signals, however it is possible that one will be implemented in the near future. We don’t respond to “do not track” signals at the moment. If we decide to do so later on, we’ll modify the Cookie Policy accordingly.

For more details, please review this Policy on Privacy

We hope this policy can help you to understand how we use cookies. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and make sure to mention Cookie policy as the topic line.